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Laundry Lock is the only U.S Patented Coin Laundry Locking system! If you own coin laundry equipment and are tired of being ripped off, then our system is what you’ve been looking for and you need!

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Circular Locks are NOT included.

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If you own coin laundry equipment and are tired of being ripped off, then our system is what you’ve been looking for and you need!

My Name is John Burpee and I am the inventor of the Laundry Lock System. I own several hundred coin laundry machines and over the years had been broken into and stolen from multiple times. I invented the Laundry Lock system to prevent theft and vandalism of our machines and to insure our coin laundry equipment couldn’t be broken into.

* "All sales are final"
* For shipments outside the US please Contact Us for shipping quote.

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Circular Locks are NOT included. 

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23 reviews for Laundry Lock

  1. Jack Watson

    We were broken into 5 times losing countless funds over the last 2 years. With Laundry Lock we have not had one issue since we installed the devise!!! GREAT Product

  2. Tom Daymore

    Repeat Customer, Great invention wish I had found it years ago!!!

  3. Sharon B

    We tried using Bike locks only to be cut off with bolt cutters, since ordered Laundry Lock we have not lost one quarter!!!

  4. Jerry Langley

    Repeat Buyer, I have bought several times and love the product.

  5. Eric Martin

    We just ordered 20 Locks and could not be happier. It seemed every week we were losing money from break ins. Since we installed the lock not one loss yet!!!

  6. Tom Granger

    Great, Great, Great!!! What more can I say.

  7. Terry

    Stopped our losses they day we installed them

  8. Gary

    Wish I could rate it 10 stars. We are repeat buyers and own 50+ washers & dryers in our apartment complexes. Laundry Lock stopped the vandalism and theft almost instantly. Great Invention

  9. Charles Harper

    We have now purchased 50+ units and have stopped our losses 100% Best value on the market and pays for itself

  10. Terry Johnson

    Perfect solution to a serious problem and simple to install!

  11. Tom Maddif

    We used Bike locks and still lost money until we found your system!!!

  12. Terry G

    We have purchased 50+ Locks for all of our Sec 8 Properties and the day we installed them our Losses stopped!

  13. Gerald G

    5 time Repeat buyer! We now have them on 100% of our properties!

  14. Ed Lawson

    We own three Laundromats in Seattle WA and since the rioting we were broken into 12 times. Your locks stopped our loses the day we installed them!

  15. Gerry Jimenz

    Great Product with I found it sooner.

  16. Tom Gilmore

    We operate a 900 unit property management company in Seattle and your locks stopped our losses from the rioters. We have purchased another 400 units and plan to install another 300 in the coming months.

  17. Malcom Johnson

    We own 300+ Section 8 Units in Detroit, Our machines are broken into on a weekly basis. This product stopped our losses the day we installed them!!! GREAT INVENTION

  18. Geraldo Manus

    Our third Order, we now have your locks on 100% of our machines

  19. Carlos Bernardo (verified owner)

    Great product should have order sooner, no break-ins since Dec 2020, where I used to have break-ins every month, just place another order.

  20. morgan davis (verified owner)

    2nd Time Buyer. Simple design. They stop the casual crooks. Way cheaper than buying new boxes. Will buy again and recommend to clients.

  21. Jerry Gorman

    Easy to install and have not had a loss since we put them on!

  22. Hatfield Properties

    Whenever we add a property to our portfolio we purchase your locks to install the day we take over

  23. Winson lee (verified owner)

    Where can I purchase circular lock in your video?

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